People Helpers

We are thankful to have a church family that cares for and supports each other. We believe that the best defense against struggles is to have a close personal walk with God through prayer, meditating on His Word and regular fellowship with believers. We all struggle at different times in our lives, and we all need each other, but sometimes we need additional support for physical, emotional or spiritual needs. The leadership has recognized that many have been “people helping” on a personal basis for many years and we also feel that more can and should be done to help those going through times of difficulty. 


A People Helper Ministry has been created to assist in improving our ability to support those that are in need. This ministry is not meant to replace the existing personal support ministry that people are already doing but rather to encourage it and provide additional means for help. For personal or family concerns, or concerns for someone you know that could use help, we want to inform you that there is support available in various forms. 

Personal Assistance

  • We have “People Helpers” in our congregation who have specific experience/training and are knowledgeable in various areas of need such as: finances & budgeting, marriage, parenting, sexual temptations, women’s issues, grief, addictions, eating disorders, self-injury, depression. They are willing to pray with you and provide confidential support.
  • Organized crisis intervention for physical needs such as meals, seniors support and visitation when unable to attend church.
  • If you prefer to get help from outside our own local church, a list of pre-screened, professional Christian counselors are available.


Physical Assistance

  • We have "People Helpers" in our congregation who have specific experience/training and are knowledgeable in various areas of needs such as: plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning, yard work, lawn cutting, snow removal, renovations, etc.
  • Some items that are also available on request are hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers and others available.

To request physical assistance, please call People Helpers at (226) 444-2557.

Professional Counsellors

 For those in our church family who would prefer to seek help from a professional Christian counsellor we recommend contacting the following counselor:

David Blair Corbett, BSc, MSW, RSW , Ord. (CFCM )
174 Coach Hill Dr.
Kitchener, N2E1P4
Phone: (519) 748-6862 (confidential voice mail)
For more information, click Here.

Bunny Ninaber
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (519) 993-5280
For more information, click Here.

Interested to Help?

We are currently working towards raising up more people to be able to serve in this capacity. If you feel called to this ministry please contact someone on the People Helper Committee listed below.

  • Joanna Weinhardt
  • Lydia Vandjelovic
  • Gary Tomic
  • Dragan Vandjelovic