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In our church library there are a number of resources available (DVDs, books, pamphlets) that are available on loan.  Please browse through the categories below to find the material that you need.

  • Books & DVDs
  • Wellness Binders


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  • Addictions

    NameAuthorMedia Type
    Way of Temperance Program (substance abuse) Contact Werner Book
    Way of Purity Program (sexual temptation) Contact Werner Book

  • Counselling

    NameAuthorMedia Type
    How to be a People Helper Gary Collins Book
    Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands Paul Tripp Book

  • Disorders

    NameAuthorMedia Type
    Social Anxiety Disorder Madison Institute of Medicine Book
    Breaking Free From Anorexia and Bulimia Linda Mintle Book
    Breaking Free From Depression Linda Mintle Book
    Depression and Antidepressants Madison Institute of Medicine Book
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Children and Adolescence Madison Institute of Medicine Book
    Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia Madison Institute of Medicine Book
    Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder Madison Institute of Medicine Book

  • Emotional

    NameAuthorMedia Type
    Breaking Free Beth Moore Book
    Breaking Free From Anger and Unforgiveness Linda Mintle Book
    Breaking Free From Negative Self Image Linda Mintle Book
    Healing For Damaged Emotions David Seamands Book
    Freedom from Fear Neil Anderson Book
    Praying God's Word Beth Moore Book
    Calm My Anxious Heart Linda Dillow Book

  • Finances

    NameAuthorMedia Type
    Your Money Counts Howard Dayton Book
    Discovering God's Way of Handling Money Crown Financial Book
    Business by the Book Crown Financial DVD
    The ABC's of Handling Money (ages 5-7) Crown Financial Book
    The Secret of Handling Money God's Way (ages 8-12) Crown Financial Book

  • Grief

    NameAuthorMedia Type
    Grief Share Elizabeth George Audio CD
    Finding Your Way through Loneliness Elizabeth Elliot Book
    Roses in December Marilyn Heavilin Book
    Family Hospice Care Harry van Bommel Book

  • Marriage

    NameAuthorMedia Type
    Sacred Marriage Gary Thomas Book and DVD
    Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships Gary Smalley DVD
    Love and Respect Gary Chapman Book
    Five Love Languages Alpha Book
    The Four Seasons of Marriage Gary Chapman Book

  • Parenting

    NameAuthorMedia Type
    Essentials of Discipline Focus on the Family Video
    Effective Parenting in a Defective World Chip Ingram DVD
    Bringing up Boys Focus on the Family DVD
    Parenting Teens in A Confusing Culture Mark Gregston Book
    Dare to Discipline Dobson Book
    Life Management for Busy Women Elizabeth George Book
    A Woman After God's Own Heart Elizabeth George Book
    The miracle parenting tools   DVD

  • Pre-Marital

    NameAuthorMedia Type
    The Pre Marriage Course Alpha DVD
    Love for a Lifetime Dobson Book

  • Stress

    NameAuthorMedia Type
    Breaking Free From Stress Linda Mintle Book

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Click the category name to expand the section and view the articles available for that category.

  • Addictions

    • Understanding Addiction
    • A Christ-centered 12 Step Program of Addiction Recovery
    • Early signs of addiction
    • About addiction
    • Early signs of addiction
    • Compulsive sexual behaviour and sex addictions
    • From trauma to understanding
    • It's not your fault the one you love uses porn
    • Overcoming temptations

  • Adolescence

    • Age appropriate and dysfunctional behaviours in adolescence
    • Adolescent depression checklist

  • Childhood

    • Common childhood disorders
    • Prevent child sexual abuse
    • About your child's emotional health

  • Depression

    • Understanding depression
    • Comforting scriptures for times of depression and struggle (Sister Church)
    • Adolescent depression check list (Sister Church)
    • Dealing with the wintertime blues (Sister Church)

  • Disorders

    • What everyone should know about anxiety disorders
    • About bipolar disorder
    • Treatment of bipolar disorder
    • Help and hope for eating disorders
    • Eating disorders
    • About bulimia nervosa
    • About anorexia nervosa
    • Good mental health
    • Understanding mental health
    • What you should know about mental illness in the family
    • Let's talk about mental illnesses
    • What everyone should know about depression
    • Let's talk facts and of depression
    • Major depression during conception and pregnancy
    • About obsessive-compulsive disorder
    • Learning to live with obsessive compulsive disorder
    • An introduction to the “over-active conscience” understanding scrupulosity an obsessive-compulsive disorder
    • Expert consensus treatment guidelines for obsessive-compulsive disorder
    • About panic disorder (Sister Church)
    • Premenstrual syndrome
    • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder
    • About post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Expert consensus treatment guidelines for post-traumatic
    • Stress disorder

  • Emotional

    • Anger
    • About anger
    • Emotional and physical danger signs for acting out

  • Forgiveness

    • Forgiveness: what it is, what it isn't, and how to do it
    • Forgiving as Christ forgave

  • Grief

    • Understanding grief
    • How can I help… when a child dies
    • Suggestions for clergy…when a child dies
    • Still birth, miscarriage, and infant death (Understanding Grief)
    • When a brother or sister dies
    • When a child dies…the compassionate friends can help
    • About grief
    • Helping your child grieve

  • Loneliness

    • About overcoming loneliness
    • Dealing with loneliness

  • Marriage

    • Conflict resolution skills in marriage
    • Affection, love languages, and gender differences in marriage
    • A triangular model of love
    • Personality and spiritual gifts in marriage
    • Communication in marriage
    • Sexuality in Christian marriage pt 1
    • Sexuality in Christian marriage pt 2
    • Developing the spiritual union in marriage
    • 10 tips for maintaining sexual integrity
    • Restoring romance to your marriage
    • His needs, her needs finding fulfillment in your marriage

  • Miscellaneous

    • Overcoming hurt
    • When trust is lost
    • Emotional dependence
    • About codependence
    • Internet
    • Guidance on internet use

  • Older Adult

    • Treatment of Dementia and Agitation
    • Older Adult
    • Depression in Older Adults
    • Older Adult
    • Never Say Old

  • Parenting

    • Biblical principles to guide parental discipline of children at home and in public
    • Draw the line: following the 5 c's of effective discipline
    • Understanding your child's personality
    • A guide to family budgeting
    • Discipline from four to twelve
    • Taking time out to be dad
    • Creative mothering
    • Daddy's home
    • The indispensable role of motherhood

  • Phobias

    • When fear seems overwhelming
    • Phobias

  • Schizophrenia

    • About schizophrenia
    • Schizophrenia
    • About borderline personality disorder
    • Schizophrenia
    • Expert consensus treatment guidelines for schizophrenia

  • Self-esteem

    • Self-esteem for your child
    • Self-esteem what does the Bible say?
    • Seeing ourselves in His image

  • Stress

    • Surviving the crises of life (stress)
    • What everyone should know about stress
    • Parents and stress
    • What everyone should know about family violence
    • How family violence affects children
    • Partner abuse – what you should know

  • Substance Abuse

    • Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Resisting the Epidemic
    • Help for the alcoholic and his family
    • What everyone should know about alcohol
    • What everyone should know about alcoholism
    • About dual diagnosis

  • Suicide

    • About suicide
    • About suicide among young people

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