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Sunday November 16/14 Worship Services
Wednesday November 12/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday November 9/14 Worship Services
Wednesday November 5/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday November 2/14 Worship Services
Wednesday October 29/14 Mid-Week Service
Wednesday October 22/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday October 19 Worship Services
Wednesday October 15/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday October 12/14 Worship Services
Sunday October 5/14 Worship Services
Wednesday October 1/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday September 28/14 Worship Services
Wednesday September 24/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday September 21/14 Worship Services
Wednesday September 17/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday September 14/14 Worship Service
Wednesday September 10/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday September 7/14 Worship Services
Wednesday September 3/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday August 31/14 Worship Services
Wednesday August 27/14 Mid Week Service
 Sunday August 24/14 Worship Services
Wednesday August 20/14 Mid Week Service
Sunday August 17/14 Worship Services
Wednesday August 13/14 Mid Week Service
Sunday August 10/14 Worship Services
Wednesday August 6/14 Mid Week Service
Sunday August 3/14 Worship Services
Sunday July 27/14 Worship Services
Sunday July 20/14 Worship Services
Wednesday July 16/14 Mid Week Service
Sunday July 13/14 Worship Services
Sunday July 6/14 Worship Services
Wednesday July 2/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday June 29/14 Worship Services
Wednesday June 25/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday June 22/14 Worship Services
Wednesday June 18/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday June 15/14 Worship Services
Wednesday June 11/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday June 8/14 Worship Services
Wednesday June 4/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday June 1/14 Worship Services
Wednesday May 28/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday May 25/14 Worship Services
Sunday May 18/14 Worship Services
Wednesday May 14/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday May 11/14 Worship Services
Wednesday May 7/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday May 4/14 Worship Services
Sunday April 27/14 Worship Services
Wednesday April 23/14 Mid-Week Service
Easter Sunday Service April 20/14
Good Friday Service April 18/14
Sunday April 13/14 Worship Services
Sunday April 6/14 Worship Services
Sunday March 30/14 Worship Service
Wednesday March 26/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday March 23/14 Worship Service
Wednesday March 19/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday March 16/14 Worship Services
Sunday March 9/14 Worship Services
Wednesday March 5/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday March 2/14 Worship Services
Wednesday February 26/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday February 23/14 Worship Services
Wednesday February 19/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday February 16/14 Worship Services
Wednesday February 12/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday February 9/14 Worship Services
Sunday February 2/14 Worship Services
Sunday January 26/14 Worship Services
Wednesday January 22/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday January 19/14 Worship Services
Wednesday January 15/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday January 12/14 Worship Services
Wednesday January 8/14 Mid-Week Service
Sunday January 5/14 Worship Services
Tuesday December 31/13 New Years Eve Service
Sunday December 29/13 Worship Services
Wednesday December 25/13 Christmas Day Service
Wednesday December 18/13 Mid-Week Service
Sunday December 15 Worship Services
Wednesday December 11/13 Mid-Week Service
Sunday December 8/13 Worship Services
Sunday December 1/13 Worship Services

Morning Service: Thomas Nitz - John 16:16,19-28  [Bible Search]

Closing: Gary Tomic

Afternoon Service: Werner Weinhardt - James 1: 12-16  [Bible Search] 



Wednesday November 27/13 Mid-Week Service

Evening Service: Frank Balzer - 2 Kings 4:8-37  [Bible Search]



Sunday November 24/13 Worship Services

Morning Service: Gary Tomic - John 11:1-6,17-37  [Bible Search]

Closing: Werner Weinhardt

Afternoon Service: Dan Tomic - Galatians 5:16-26  [Bible Search]



Wednesday November 20/13 Mid-Week Service

Evening Service: Werner Weinhardt - Galatians 6:7-9  [Bible Search] 



Sunday November 17/13 Worship Services

Morning Service: Robert Ritzmann - Ezekiel 18:1-4,19-32  [Bible Search]

Closing: Dan Tomic

Afternoon Service: Thomas Nitz - 2 Peter 1:12-15  [Bible Search]



Wednesday November 13/13 Mid-Week Service

Evening Service: Dan Tomic - Matthew 6:16-21  [Bible Search]



Sunday November 10/13 Worship Services

Morning Service: Frank Balzer - Acts 27  [Bible Search]

Closing: Werner Weinhardt

Afternoon Service: Guest Speaker: Rob Freund - Matthew 6:1-13  [Bible Search] 



Wednesday November 6/13 Mid-Week Service

Evening Service: Thomas Nitz - 1 Corinthians 3:10-13  [Bible Search]